Golf GPS Watches

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Golf Watches Ireland

Enjoy all the advantages a Golf GPS Watch has to offer. Get the full lowdown on the stats you need. These are great in all weather conditions.

Some of the best sellers include:

  • Garmin Approach S60 GPS
  • Garmin S10
  • Garmin S20 GPS Watch & CT10 Bundle
  • Shot Scope G3 GPS
  • Garmin Approach S40 Premium
  • GolfBuddy Aim W10
  • Garmin Approach S62
  • Bushnell iON 2 GPS Watch
  • Shot Scope V3 Smart
  • Garmin Approach S42
  • Shot Scope G3 GPS
  • Garmin S12

Garmin Golf Watches

The “Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS Watch” is also one of the more expensive watches with a hefty price tag of €461.00. In return, it has over 40,000 golf courses pre-installed and an improved touchscreen display, which is part of its easy operation.

It measures 1.2 inches and offers an easy-to-read display even in sunlight, which is an advantage on a sunny golf course with no shade.

In addition to the golf functions, Garmin Golf GPS watches in the higher price range also offer notifications from your mobile phone directly to the watch. This way, you always stay informed about incoming calls, emails, and text messages.

Some golf watches in the upper price division even offer swing analyses of the last shot and measure the heartbeat and swing speed during the swing. In addition, statistics can be saved for later round analysis.

What are Golf GPS Watches and what functions do they offer?

By now, a golf watch is as much a part of the golf course as the golf club and the golf ball. Not only do they provide a fashion accessory, but depending on the model, they are also immensely helpful in improving the game.

Off the golf course, the watches are very popular as well because they also have normal watch functions.

Golfing watches watches measure distances during the game but can also display the length of a stroke and the kilometres covered.

Distance Measurement

When measuring distance, the watch always gives you three indications: the start of the green, the middle of the green and the end of the green. Then you get an overview of the obstacles and their distances from the player.

Golf Course Maps Worldwide

More expensive golf GPS watches even have pre-programmed courses and find these courses not only in one country, but in 30 other countries. Many even automatically recognise which hole is being played. Sat Nav functionality is also possible.

Battery Life

A good golf GPS watch has a long battery life and does not need to be recharged after every game.

One thing is for sure, there is plenty of choice on offer, with excellent ladies and men’s models available.

Cheap Golfer Watch

You cannot go wrong with a budget model of a golf GPS watch either.

A good deal, for example, is the “Shot Scope G3” with a price of around €169.95 which makes it one of the cheapest offers.

The battery lasts a very long time (twelve hours) and the watch is even waterproof. However, the budget model does not have all the functions that an expensive golf GPS watch has to offer.

Those who want to buy a good golf GPS watch should still spend a little more money in order to strive for maximum improvement in their game.

Nevertheless, each player decides for themself what is important, as one watch, for example, offers more functions, but another has a better battery life.

Every golf player wants their money’s worth and to find the right watch for themselves. Of course, the design is also particularly important, as golf watches can be found in every shape and colour.